The ease of creating a Cat Enclosure

Dr Katrina Warren explains that creating a safe outdoor space for your cat is easier than you might think. Did you know that you can use cat netting to enclose your entire backyard, a section of your yard or even just your balcony?


The Cat’s Meow of Cat Netting! Our products are designed with your cat’s P-A-W in mind. Protection, Awareness and Wellbeing of your cat and Australian wildlife is every cat owner’s responsibility.


You may not realise it, but your cat could be roaming the streets. Protect your cat from the risk of fights, becoming lost, disease, or being injured or killed by a vehicle.

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Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with over a quarter of Australian households owning a cat. There are approximately 6.5 million cats across Australia and pet cats account for around 3.77 million of the total cat population.

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In addition to keeping your cat enclosed, there are many ways to care for and protect your cat and become a more responsible cat owner. These include early desexing of your cat, vaccinations, microchipping and a good diet. 

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Benefits of Enclosing Your Cat

Keep Your Feline Friends Safe and Happy!

1. One Happy Cat
Let your cat soak up some sun! Keeping your cat outdoors in an enclosed area will keep them safe, stimulated and happy. Catnets also has a range of outdoor climbing platforms and toys to keep your cat active in the fresh air.

2. Avoiding Injury
By allowing your cat to roam around the neighborhood, there are many threats that you are exposing it to. Keep your cat safe and reduce the risk of your cat getting into fights with other cats, becoming lost, diseases, and the most significant risk of being injured or hit by a vehicle.

3. Reduced Vet Bills
With a safer outdoor environment you can promote more exercise and reduce other environmental threats to your cat, reducing your vet bills and increasing your cat’s wellbeing.

4. Quality Time
Enjoying the outdoors with your cat can be a healthy experience for the both of you. Spend quality time outdoors within the enclosure, and be sure to enrich your cat’s environment by adding climbing and scratching accessories to satisfy its natural instincts.

From the Cat-Demy Blog

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