Pet Adoption Month 2024

Alex and Erin’s Adoption Journey

If you have been considering adding a furry companion to your home, please contact your local rescue shelter to learn about the cats and kittens available for adoption. RSPCA NSW has hundreds of cats and kittens at any one time. You can learn more about each and every one of them HERE

No matter what age or stage of life your cat is at, before bringing a new cat into your home, you should prepare with the below essentials:

  • Litter box
  • Food and drinking station
  • Scratching area
  • Cat carrier
  • Soft bed
  • Elevated spaces
  • Hiding places
  • Toys and food puzzles

In addition to these, you should also consider how you will keep your cat safe at home and prevent it from roaming.

An outdoor cat enclosure is the perfect way to provide a safe space for your cat to roam freely within the boundaries of your own backyard or balcony.

Listen to how Alex and Erin’s Catnets enclosure has helped to enrich TG’s life and provided them with peace of mind.


RSPCA NSW’s Keeping Cats Safe at Home Project aims to encourage and support cat owners to prevent their cats from roaming away from their properties, both to keep cats safe and to protect native wildlife.

To find out how to give your cat a long, happy life, visit RSPCA NSW Keeping Cats Safe at Home page for some great advice