RSPCA New South Wales

RSPCA NSW is a community-based, not-for-profit, animal welfare charity that protects, cares for, treats and rehomes animals across New South Wales.



Catnets is a proud partner of WIRES, and is dedicated to helping support WIRES mission to actively rehabilitate & preserve Australian wildlife.


Cat Protection Society of NSW

Cat Protection Society is an independent registered charity operating only in NSW.

Established in 1958, as a small group of people dedicated to reducing the number of stray cats by desexing and finding loving and responsible homes for street cats.

Since then, their vision has remained the same – that every cat has a loving and responsible home – but they now offer a range of feline care services from their purpose-designed, no-kill shelter in Newtown.

To find out more about cat adoption, fostering, responsible cat ownership, and the great work that Cat Protection Society of NSW are doing, visit their website.


Perfect Pets

Perfect Pets is an Australian owned and operated online pet directory that lists pet services and products, including Rescues and small scale Registered Breeders, Vets, and Groomers. With a commitment to animal welfare and ethical practices, the platform has become one of Australia’s most trusted sites for pet lovers, and with over 9 million visitors to date, is playing a pivotal role in reaching, educating and connecting people who are committed to a kind, just and sustainable future for pets and people.


Catology - Cat Behaviour Solutions

Specialists in Cat behaviour, they offer both online and in-home consultations to help bring harmony to your home.

Catology was established in 2018 to help cat guardians overcome behavioural issues with their cats, restoring peace and order to their household. Too many cats are dumped at shelters and/or euthanised for "bad" behaviours that can actually be corrected, or at least improved, with the right process, training and a little patience.


Safe Rehoming

SAFE isa registered animal welfare charity, operating out of Northern Sydney, althoughtaking in cats from Greater Sydney. As a no-kill organisation, SAFE strives todo everything they can to give every animal a chance to live a happy life. SAFEoperates a cat rehoming centre in Roseville, NSW. Anyone interested isencouraged to visit the website to find out more aboutadoption, responsible pet ownership, volunteering, cat boarding, fostercare or donating


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