Pet Adoption Month 2022

Catnets supports National Pet Adoption Month and is committed to raising awareness for the thousands of cats across Australia who are surrendered to shelters or abandoned on the streets each year through no fault of their own. To show our support, we tracked down one family who adopted their beautiful cats through Cat Protection Society NSW and asked them to share their experience to help others considering adoption or currently going through the adoption process.

Each week we will bring you different stories from Paul and Sam covering their cat adoption success story, and how their cats have adapted and become part of their family. Through a series of videos, we will also highlight the importance of cat adoption, and what it means to be a responsible cat owner including the importance of providing your cat with a safely enclosed outdoor space.

Check back each week throughout March 2022 for more videos.

Connecting pets with people

Bringing any animal into your home is a big responsibility. Adopting a cat is no exception, and you should take your time to get to know the cat and connect with it before bringing it into your home. Find out how Paul and Sam came to adopt Herrman and Minerva through Cat Protection Society NSW.

Cat Adoption, what to consider

There are thousands of cats across Australia who are surrendered to shelters or abandoned on the streets each year through no fault of their own. Choosing to adopt a cat is a big decision that will not only benefit a cat’s life but should also enrich your family’s life. It is important that you choose the right cat for your living situation and your lifestyle. Listen to what Paul and Sam considered before choosing to bring their beautiful cats home.

Adopting through the Cat Protection Society

Cat Protection Society began in 1958, as a small group of people dedicated to reducing the number of stray cats by desexing and finding loving and responsible homes for street cats. Their vision has remained the same after all these years and their passion and dedication is evident through each individual and personal adoption. Paul and Sam had a very successful experience adopting through the Cat Protection Society. Here’s what they have to say.

Cat Containment - Deciding on an enclosure

Does your cat sit and stare at the window longing to be outside in the sunshine and fresh air? An outdoor cat enclosure is the perfect way to provide a safe space for your cat to roam freely within the boundaries of your own backyard or balcony. Herrman and Minerva absolutely love their new outdoor enclosure. They have unrestricted access to their backyard which makes not only them happy but listen to why their Pawrents Sam and Paul love it too.

Cat Containment - Safely exploring the ourdoors

Herrman and Minerva are loving the freedom of being outside without a harness. Whether it’s exploring amongst the leaves and bushes or climbing high up on the wall ledges, life in their new outdoor enclosure couldn’t be better.

Cat Containment - Protecting Cats and Wildlife

Research shows that cats who are allowed to roam live shorter lives than cats who are contained within their property. This is no surprise, and outdoor cat enclosures can help to reduce the threat of fights, dogs, disease, or being injured or killed by a vehicle. Cat enclosures also play an important role in helping to reduce that impact that roaming cats have on birds and wildlife. Paul and Sam can rest easy knowing that Herrman, Minerva, and their surrounding wildlife are safe from harm.

Cat Containment - Catnets' cat enclosures

Catnets’ cat enclosures are durable and strong and will provide peace of mind knowing that your cat is safe. Paul and Sam are just delighted by how strong the netting is and how discreet their enclosure is. Listen to why they have absolute peace of mind and confidence with their new Catnets enclosure.

Cat Containment - Building Your Enclosure

The team at Alcatraz have done a fantastic job building Paul and Sam’s enclosure. You can also have an enclosure professionally built just like theirs, or if you are up to the task and looking for your next project, check out our DIY videos to see what you can create. Head to our website to learn more.

Cat Containment - Enriching your Cat's Environment

When planning your enclosure, it’s important to consider how you and your cat will interact within the space. While an enclosure will provide a safe area for your cat to enjoy fresh air, providing for your cat’s overall wellbeing requires the addition of enrichment items to keep your cat stimulated.

Whether that be interactive toys, climbing products or scratching posts, it’s important that your cat has access to items that can keep them entertained while also satisfying their basic animal instincts. As you’ll see in this video, cats just love to climb absolutely anything!


Pet Adoption Month 2023
Pet Adoption Month 2023