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Cat net and tunnel

Amazing product !!
So easy to install, lightweight yet durable. I attached the tunnel to my window for easy access and my cats love their new catio.

Repeat Customer

We purchased the beige non wire mesh about 8 years ago and set up a small catio area for our (at the time) 2 cats. With the addition of a fourth recently, the catio needed to be extended significantly. Taking that into consideration we replaced the old with new black reinforced mesh and extended down our verandah by another 6 metres.
The old mesh had held together well given it's northwesterly orientation. We think the black looks so much better as the eye looks through it. Looking forward to kitting it out with more climbing options in the near future.

Lite Portable Cat Enclosure 2.3m
Diana T. (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Love it

Very easy to erect, cat loves it.

Backpack Cat Carrier
Stella (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Awesome backpack

Very roomy and my ragdoll loves going into the backpack

Cat Netting 25m x 3m Black
Sharyn K. (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Cat net

Brilliant product, got my side of house catio set up in no time at all, I can now leave my door open without fear of my cats getting out.

Excellent company

I've purchased from Catnets Australia before when building my catio, and recently used them again to buy fence brackets so I could upgrade and enclose my entire backyard.

Their online guides make self-installation such a breeze, and their shipments always arrive promptly and without hassle.

I highly recommend them!

Cat Netting 10m x 5m Black
Sal (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Best thing I ever did!

Such an easy product to use. The use of the wire rope system was easy to install with the netting. Transforming my unused side yard into a 5x 8meter cat play ground was the best thing I have done. My cats are so happy!

Ms Annie Kennedy

I just love the cat netting, and my cat for the first time in many years, got to breathe in fresh air. My cat just loves her outside area, but we love it also, as we made an inside outside area for all of us. The privacy is amazing, it works as a screening during the day. I would highly recommend cat netting
very happy customer
Annie x

Lite portable cat enclosure

I needed an enclosure for my kitty while she recovers from knee surgery
It was the perfect size for her, it keeps her safe but also gives her room to work on her rehab ☺️

Once she has finished her rehab I’ll move it outside so they can use it in the sun 🥰

Cat Netting 20m x 1.8m Black
Shane R. (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Cats Love it!

The 1.8m netting was purrrrfect to create an outdoor cat run down the side of our house. It was easy to install and looks great. Our cat and dog are now are able to enjoy playing and laying in the sun while also being safe.

Double Size 3.6m Freestanding Cat Enclosure
Cheryl W. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Happy Cat

Very happy with this cat enclosure, so easy to assemble and my cat gets to be outside and stay safe while also keeping the native animals safe.

Cat Netting 25m x 1.2m Black
rob l. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Great quality product

The product was delivered in a timely manner and was easily installed with the instructions followed on YouTube. I only placed the netting above the latticed surroundings, as I felt it wasn't warranted to cover. End result was a very unobtrusive view of the world for the people and the cat's.
I even placed some clear perplex on the corner of the verandah to help protect the cat scratching post from the weather, while still allowing the cats the full view.

Purrfect product

Building a cat run so my mother’s cat can enjoy outdoor time without escaping. Ordered netting from Catnets. Perfect product, price and service. Goods arrived promptly and were just what I needed.
One happy cat and mother loving the new cat run in the sun.

Cat Tunnel
Keli T. (Ipswich, QLD, AU)
Kitty paradise

Our cats love their enclosure, tunnel and new outdoor cat tree, they line up every day to get out there in it. All was super easy to set up too, the tunnel to the enclosure was a bit fiddly but not hard and very worth the effort. I will very likely buy more cat net products!!

I like it still trying to get him to use it.

They were great worked perfectly cats all secure now

Edging Rope - 12.5m Bulk Roll
Isabelle G. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Cat enclosure

I love the products I bought from catnets, I made a cat enclosure on the balcony where I was cat sitting, the cats loved it and it was a nice surprise for the owner who wanted one for some time. Now the cats can see the day go by and lay in the sun all day.

Worked as described and intended awesome guys

Cat Netting (by-the-metre) Black
S.M. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Cat netting

My cat loves her enclosure. Such good quality and easy to install.

Angled Fence Extension Brackets
Shaliese M. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Extension Bracket

Love this idea to give yourself extra room in the enclosure and looks nice and neat.

Double Size 3.6m Freestanding Cat Enclosure
Sonia K. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Outdoor enclosure

Our cats love stepping out into the Catnets enclosure. They step out of the house through the tunnel and enjoy the outdoors. So happy with it.

Catit 2.0 - Wave Circuit
Mitchell K.&.G. (Auckland, AUK, NZ)

Our two cats have been very happy with the their new toy, it’s great and can be set up very easily and in so many different ways! Great that you can keep adding to it if you like.

Happy all round.

Our kids love the catio. When we put them in it, they get to watch the birds in the trees and see all the activity in the backyard. We have only recently moved to a new town so the catio was the only way our cats were going to be outside by themselves.
It was surprisingly easy to get the net on, as long as you have two people on the job.
Only issue was the hammock (supplied for free) did not fit any sort of arrangement we tried when tying it onto the frame.