Catnets Premium Portable Cat Enclosure Triple 5.4m

Premium Portable Cat Enclosure Triple 5.4m

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The Premium 5.4m Freestanding Cat Enclosure features quality stainless steel reinforced netting for added strength and a quick and easy net installation system.

By allowing your cat outside, there are many threats that you are exposing it to. Keep your cat safe in an enclosure and reduce the risk of fights, dogs, foxes, theft, becoming lost, disease, and the most significant risk of being injured or killed by a vehicle.

The Premium 5.4m Freestanding Cat Enclosure is the newest Enclosure in our range and is large enough to fit multiple cats. It is a simple way to keep your cats stimulated and happy, allowing them to soak up some sun while safely enjoying the outdoors. The F shaped zipper provides easy access for you and your cat, and an optional Tunnel can be added to provide easy access for your cat into your home or other enclosed areas of your backyard.


  • 1.8m High
  • 5.4m Long
  • 1.8m Wide

Weight: Approximately 50kg


  • FREE Cat Hammock
  • Easy to assemble
  • Premium 19mm Stainless Steel Reinforced UV treated Cat Netting
  • Simple one piece netting
  • The net is suspended inwards of the steel frame. This allows the net to be pulled out towards the frame until the correct amount of tautness is obtained. Having the net taut is of the utmost importance to your cat’s safety, and installing it in this matter ENSURES a tight net.
  • Powder coated steel frame with quick pin-lock connect system
  • Pre-Sewn Heavy Duty 10mm zipper for easy access
  • Velcro straps for assembly

The Premium 5.4m Freestanding Cat Enclosure provides many benefits, including:

  • Safe and secure design for peace of mind
  • Affordable solution for cat containment
  • Portable and ideal for rental properties or for traveling
  • Velcro strap assembly system for quick assembly and disassembly

    NOTE:  Accessories (chair, bed, scratcher, bowl, toys, Shade Sail) NOT included. Your Enclosure will not come with these accessories. This Enclosure comes with ONE free Cat Hammock.

    IMPORTANT:  This netting has been designed for use by cats only and is not covered for damage resulting from Dogs or other animals housed in OR outside of the enclosure.

    Safety:  Due to the size of the netting squares, Catnets recommend kittens (6 months and under) should not be left unattended for prolonged periods within the enclosure. In regards to cat enclosures safety in general, it is advised that all netting is installed as taut as practically possible.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Kirsty D. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)

    Cats love watching the birds outside, I love the can come and go as the please through the cat door. It was easy to set up and its a solid build. Tunnels are a little expensive but understandable. I was quoted up to $5000 by a couple of people to have something similar built, thus was a massive savings. It's also easy to move if you need to mow the grass. Highly recommend.

    Stewart S. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)

    Bought the 5.3 metre cat enclosure and I couldn’t be happier! Excellent quality and super safe for my cats! I would recommend to anyone wanting to keep their fur babies safe and secure. Cheers guys

    J.B. (Brussels, BRU, BE)
    Great product, great price, great advice.

    I have been putting off this project for far too long so around August this year I finally decided to invest time and money in this.
    I needed quite some advice and tips so I emailed Catnets and Andrew couldn’t have been more helpful. After emailing back and forth a bunch of times I was able to put the order in and delivery was very fast. Easy to put together as well. We now have the 5.4m premium closure under a window. In the window I put a new mesh screen with a cat door and made a connection between the cat door and the enclosure.
    After all this effort we were hoping the cats would get used to it quickly and they love it!
    Thanks Catnets, thanks Andrew!

    Janene S. (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
    Cat enclosure

    Company communications prompt and respectful,
    Product fantastic, easy to put up. Just what we wanted.
    Should rethink the courier service, unreliable and did not deliver when they indicated they would.

    Maria G. (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
    So worth it !!

    My cats and I love their serenity enclosure. They're safe and loving life when out in the sunshine and bird watching. Love that it's portable and lightweight. Just wish I didn't leave the shade sails on when it rained, as the roof netting hangs lower than before (touches my head). One thing I'd change is they need a smaller zip near the ground (on the opposite end) so us lazy bums can leave their water and dry biscuit dishes in there, instead of going in and out via the big zipper.

    Michelle M. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
    Outside fun without escaping!

    Hi, we’ve had our cat enclosure for just over a month. It was relatively easy to assemble (I’m 57 with arthritis everywhere), my daughter helped me a little and the cats supervised from inside the house. We’re renters and I wanted my three cats to have a safe outside environment to play and get some fresh air and sunlight that would move with us to our next home. The enclosure is secure, well constructed and the videos covered most issues. The cats love their new enclosure, I have two hammocks for them in the enclosure and we added toys and some plants for some jungle experiences. Thank you so much, I’ll be ordering a tunnel soon to join the enclosure to the house so they can have outside time more often during the day.

    Daisy M. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)

    My order came the next day and was quite easy to assemble. My 2 ragdolls absolutely love there new outdoor play area.

    Rita D. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
    Happy cats, happy mum

    We purchased the premium portable cat enclosure triple 5.4m just over a month ago, as we moved to a new location right at a busy main road intersection. We are very happy with the enclosure so far. It's taken my 2 cats a little while to get used to it especially having being outdoor cats all their lives. We also have 2 hammocks in there which they are still getting used to, we have had to place towels over them as being able to see through the mesh to the ground was confusing them. We've filled the enclosure with some toys, a huge tree branch, a big pot of cat grass and scratching posts. It still doesn't compare to them being able to go freely outside but it's a really great solution and we don't have to worry about them. We also purchased the shade sail and put up some extra tarps as it has been raining. They seem to be more comfortable this way.
    As it is the largest encloser it took us about 2 hours to set up and a lot of elbow and arm strength trying to connect some of the metal rods together. Otherwise, our order came fairly quickly and right to our door. I would recommend catnets if you are thinking about an enclosure for your fur babies!

    Col S.
    Premium Cat Enclosure 5.4M

    It is fantastic. I was able to set it up on my own. I have four cats two are quite used to being outdoors and have established routines. One of them quite likes using the cat run. The other one just does his own thing. The other two cats are house cats and until they moved in with me had no experience of outdoor living. To say they are enjoying the experience is an understatement. And from my perspective having the peace of mind of them being able to go in and out pretty much whenever they like but being completely safe is wonderful.

    Angie S.
    Premium Portable Cat run 5.4m

    fantastic product.. fast delivery.. Great service.. wonderful customer service...easy to put up with 2 people...
    thank you for a pleasent experience.