Key-Head Steel Supa Pegs


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These heavy duty ground pegs are specifically designed for hard ground. The key-head design locks into the ground, preventing the tent peg from spinning. Made from hi-tensile steel, the peg as a unique chisel point in order to ensure that the peg drives straight when hammered into the ground.


  • Length: 225mm
  • Gauge: 6.3mm
  • Galvanised Steel


This form of peg is not recommended as a method for installing Cat netting to soft ground. The more common method (for attaching to grass or soil) involves placing a timber sleeper down, and then attaching to that. These pegs are only listed online as a complimentary accessory for specific situations.

Use of these pegs for your installation is at your own discretion (mainly in relation to the behaviour / age / nature of your cat(s).)