Classic Range Cat Enclosures

Our Classic range of Portable Cat Enclosures provides a more affordable option without sacrificing quality.

Featuring a heavy-duty frame and reinforced stainless steel netting, the Classic range of Portable Cat Enclosures are perfect for cat owners who are renting, and for those who prefer not to create a more permanent enclosure.

The netting slides over the top of the frame and is secured using cable ties.

  • Cable ties for assembly
  • Stainless steel reinforced netting - Slides over frame
  • Heavy duty powder-coated steel frame
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FAQ: Classic Range Cat Enclosures

What's the difference between a Premium Enclosure and a Classic Range Enclosure?


They both use the same netting

They both have the same frame and zipper


Classic Range: The netting on the classic range slides over the top of the frame and then fastens at the bottom with cable ties, so it is portable in that it can be moved around the yard, but if you want to disassemble and rebuild you will need to cut the cable ties and purchase more cable ties.

Premium Range: The premium portable features a PVC sleeve along the bottom for the base of the frame to be inserted, and Velcro tabs on the sides and top to attach the netting to the frame. Therefore with no cable ties, it can be taken down and reassembled as many times as necessary.

Will the Cat Enclosures blow over?

A portable cat enclosure shouldn’t blow over, however if you are concerned or live in a high wind area you can consider using ground pegs to secure the frame to the ground or use sand bags to weigh down the enclosure if it is on a hard surface.

Do you offer custom sized Cat Enclosures?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer or create a custom sized Cat Enclosure.