International Cat Day

Celebrate your cat this International Cat Day​

As a cat owner, you would understand just how rewarding a relationship with a cat can be. Whether you are lucky enough to spend all day with your cat, or are welcomed home every night by your affectionate and loving companion, the positive impact cats have on our lives is undeniable.​

There are many proven health benefits owning a cat can have, including:​
  • Improved heart health ​
  • Lower stress and anxiety​
  • Reduced feelings of loneliness​

Cats offer unconditional love and can help improve our mood. This has been extremely important over the past 18 months, with ongoing lockdowns across the nation causing many of us to feel isolated and lonely.​

Dr Katrina Warren:
"King Leo makes my house feel like a home and his company has been invaluable during the uncertain times we have been experiencing. During lockdowns, his presence reduces feelings of loneliness and he makes me smile daily with his funny antics. I plan to spoil him on International Cat Day with food treats and a new cardboard box to sit in – his favourite thing!”
August 8th is recognised globally as International Cat Day, so why not use this opportunity to thank your beloved feline and make them feel pawsome! Spoil them with a new special toy, or provide some fun new exercise options such as climbing shelves or a new cat tree. ​

If you don’t already own a cat, now might be the purfect time to consider adopting one from your local rescue centre. While owning a cat can bring lots of love into our lives, the relationship should never be a one way street. Be sure that you will have the time and capacity to love your new companion, and ensure you understand all the responsibilities that come along with cat ownership before welcoming one into your life.​