Premium Cat Netting W/ Stainless Steel (by-the-metre)

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To order Premium Cat Netting "by-the-metre":

  • Select Your Width
  • Enter the number of lineal metres you require in the Quantity Field (whole metres only no decimals)
    (the shopping cart will automatically calculate the $5.00 per "square metre" price based on the width you select)
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A revolutionary advance in cat enclosure netting, Catnet Premium is an advanced blend of netting and stainless steel. Whilst still maintaining the many advantages of working with a netting product, Catnet Premium ensures added strength and durability. This unique "one of a kind" product is a premium option for:

  • High traffic and commercial enclosures
  • Some added protection from a variety of animals external to the enclosure (however please note that it designed for use by cats and is not covered for damage resulting from Dogs or other animals housed in OR outside of the enclosure.)
  • Owners who want the strongest netting option currently available

    A product of the like has never been seen in Australia, and is a step forward in the design of cat enclosure materials. Catnets premium offers:

    • The strength of stainless steel at a netting price (8 strands of Netting & 1 Strand of Stainless Steel)
    • It is easy to work with and won't require any specialist tools
    • Just as unnoticeable as our 19mm Low-Vis net

    This netting has been designed for use by cats only and is not covered for damage resulting from Dogs or other animals housed in OR outside of the enclosure.

    Safety: Due to the size of the netting squares, Catnets recommend kittens (6 months and under) should not be left unattended for prolonged periods within the enclosure. In regards to cat enclosures safety in general, it is advised that all netting is installed as taut as practically possible.

    Note: If you are trying to add multiple lengths per width, the shopping cart will combine the netting into one piece per netting width and you will receive the netting in one piece.

    By-The-Metre @ $5 per Square Metre

    Available in widths of:

    • 1.8m -Available in Black
    • 3m - Available in Black
    • 5m - Available in Black

    Bulk Rolls available in:

    • 1.2m x 25m
    • 1.8m x 75m
    • 10m x 10m
    • 3m x 100m
    • 5m x 100m
    • 50m x 10m


    3 years Equivalent to outdoor Exposure: 98% Strength maintained (2% loss)
    5 years Equivalent to outdoor Exposure: 96% Strength maintained (3.3% loss)
    10 years Equivalent to outdoor Exposure: 93% Strength maintained (6.6% loss)