How Do I Keep My Cat Happy at Home?

Cats are just like humans – they need food, water, attention, and something to occupy their time when everyone else is busy. Cats need this attention but when we’re busy we have to provide a way for them to stay occupied. Some cats may be destructive to our homes if we ignore them. Many pet owners are concerned about keeping their cats happy, but they also want to keep them safe and secure. 


Here are a few ways to keep your cat happy at home.


Cats Need Their Own Space

Cats love to sleep on our beds at night time, but during the day when we are away at work they may want to sleep in the living room. But instead of having to deal with cat fur all over the furniture, you can buy your cat their own special cat beds, cat couches, or kitty caves. This also gives your cat their own space at any time they may feel insecure with visitors or the barking dog next door. If you have more than one cat, each one should have their own cat bed and their own litter box.


Provide Plenty of Toys & Attention

Cats love to play with their toys, so provide plenty of them to keep your cat occupied. Choose a variety of different types so your cat has a choice. Once you determine their preference, you can buy more of their favourite types of toys. Don’t forget to also join in on the play too. It’s recommended that you feed your cat before your bedtime, then join them for a round of play. There are special ribbon and wand toys where you and your cat can have fun playing together. After your cat has eaten and had fun with their toys, they’ll want to head to bed to sleep. This is also a great way to stop your cat from bothering you in the middle of the night.


Build an Outdoor Enclosure or Cat Run

Most cats are fascinated by the outdoors but we are hesitant in allowing them outside. A safer option is to build an outdoor enclosure, or an enclosure that’s connected to a patio door or window, so they can head outside whenever they want. You can also build a cat run, or add to it as you wish. You can find everything you need on our Catnets website. Your cat will have plenty of fun sitting on a cat tree inside the enclosure, and be able to watch the birds and other wildlife. You can also set up a cat bed in there, and toys, so they have plenty to keep themselves occupied during the day.

A cat enclosure or cat run is the best way to allow your cats to get the benefits that the outdoors offers to your cat, but that also keeps them happy and healthy, so you don’t have to worry about them.