Cat Lovers guide to the Australian Mist

The Australian Mist is a rare, gentle, and affectionate cat.

The Australian Mist is a medium-sized short-haired cat from Australia, whose coat is characterized by being covered with small spots or stripes in some cases.

This fairly recent and rare cat is a gentle and affectionate cat that adapts well to all families, whether older or with children.

This kitten resulted from the crossbreeding of several breeds in search of a sociable, friendly animal with a particular appearance.

Learn here about the main Australian cat, its origin, characteristics, care, and much more.


Origin of Australian mist

As can be easily deduced from the name, the homeland of these cats is Australia and their origins are quite recent.

The Australian Mist was originally developed in 1977 by a doctor named Truda Straede. At first, they were called "Spotted Mist" because they were intended to have a spotted coat, but in 1998 they adopted the current name of "Australian Mist".

They are the result of crossbreeding between Abyssinian and Burmese cats, as well as different domestic cats that had in common a short coat.

Their breeders were looking for the characteristics of quiet domestic cats that were content to stay indoors but with a more affectionate and sociable character.

At present, the Australian Mist is now a rare cat outside his country of origin and has some offspring in England, but the breed is currently in full expansion.

They are in the process of recognition in the main cat associations and they are slowly gaining popularity outside of Oceania.


Physical characteristics of the Australian Mist

Size: they are 30 cm and 35 cm long.

Weight: males weigh between 3 and 6 kilos, females between 2 and 5 kilos.

Eyes: their eyes are large and slightly rounded, the color should be any shade of green.

Coat: it is short, shiny, and silky. Since these specimens descend from the crossbreeding of numerous felines of different breeds, the combination of colors and patterns of their fur is varied and very peculiar.

The colors of their coat vary between brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, caramel, golden, or peach, with mottled or marbled patterns.

Life expectancy: 15 - 18 years.

The Australian Mist is one of the semi-foreign type cats, i.e. they have a rectangular athletic and muscular body, a solid and strong bone structure, with medium-sized, muscular paws and oval claws.

Their head is rounded, their ears are slightly rounded and protrude alertly, and they have a long broad nose and a long tail that tapers towards the tip.

The kittens of this domestic feline are generally stocky, but as they grow they acquire the build of a normal cat.


Australian Mist character

The Australian Mist Cat is lively, curious, and active, these cats inherited some of the best traits from all their parents.

They are known to be affectionate and enjoy the company of people and other animals, so they do not like monotony or boredom.

The Australian Mist cat adapts easily to any environment, and can cope with large families, whether in an apartment or a quieter residence, they will be fine as long as there is someone to spend time with as they have a medium-high energy level.

They like to control every corner of their home, this way we take advantage of all the space. To achieve this we can use vertical scrapers, shelves, or, in general, any safe piece of furniture.

They are very tolerant and rarely show aggression, they rarely lie down lazily and Thanks to their intelligence, these perceptive felines can be easily trained, starting at 9-10 weeks of age.

These cats like attention so don't be surprised if they ask you to play several times a day, and they tend to miss their owner a lot, so they are not recommended for people who don't spend much time at home.

These cats are very sweet and attached. You won't find a more affectionate pet!


Australian Mist Care

The Australian Mist does not need too much specific care and they are quite clean so their care is very easy.

  • They tends to lose little hair, so occasional brushings will be enough to keep their coat impeccable.
  • Examine your cat's ears for signs of dirt accumulation or possible infection every two weeks.
  • Provide him with a scratching post to promote healthy scratching and keep his nails in good condition.



They will need a balanced and rationed diet, the proportion of these nutrients will vary according to age, lifestyle, and overall health. It needs to be of quality and consist mainly of animal protein, either meat or fish.

While these cats are fine for indoor living, they can also become prone to obesity. Therefore, control snacks and treats, and consider adding a smart feeder to help control your cat's portions. it is recommended to feed this cat twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

And remember to always make sure there is plenty of shade and cool water when the temperature rises.


The health of the Australian Mist

With good care, this breed can live for many years as they are usually in good health. However, there is a certain predisposition to suffer from urinary tract pathologies, eye diseases, and tapeworms.

They are also not immune to other typical cat ailments. For example, they may suffer from upper respiratory illnesses or bacterial stomach and intestinal infections. In addition, outdoor cats are at higher risk for parasites.

But the good news is that you can prevent all of these by scheduling regular wellness visits with your cat's veterinarian.


Now you know the Australian Mist!

The socialization you will have with your new friend is important. So, before you take an Australian Mist cat home you should consider their character and needs, they will need time, companionship, physical activity, among other things.

Ultimately, early socialization really pays off with this mixed breed - be sure to reward your Australian Mist for good behavior when you bring him home to your family!