UV50+ Waterproof Cover Upgrade


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This waterproof cover is compatible with the following enclosures only:

  • Classic Range : 1.8m x 1.8m x 1.8
  • Premium Portable Range : 1.8m x 1.8m x 1.8

The cover is an excellent option for your exposed enclosure due to the following benefits:

  • Added 50+ UV Rated for added sun protection for your cat(s)
  • The high quality Oxford material ensures water is repelled, keeping your enclosure and cats dry.

The cover can be added to an existing 1.8m enclosure, and requires no special tools for assembly.

Detailed Specifications:

  • 50+UV rated Oxford Material in a modern green colour
  • Fibreglass support poles enable the curved shape which repels water without the need for a drainage hole or water pooling. The support poles insert into the top of the enclosure corner connector.
  • UV treated Velcro attachment to existing enclosure frame.
  • Stainless Steel eyelets on each side, which are used to attach tie-down cables. These Stainless Steel cables ensure the enclosure / cover can remain stable during moderate winds.
  • The cover comes with 4 tie-down stainless cables, along with 4 heavy duty ground pegs. Should you be placing you enclosure on a hard surface, the support cables will need to be attached to a surrounding surface to ensure stability in windy conditions.

Wind Guidance:

The use of this Cover will increase the wind catch of the enclosure. With use of the included tie-down cables, the enclosure will be more prone to wind gusts affecting normal performance. Should high to extreme wind conditions be forecast, the cover must be removed to ensure safe operation to both animals, people and property. Your judgement in this situation is required in relation to the positioning and method of attachment of the tie down cables.

Heavy Rain Warning:

This product is designed for light to moderate rainfall, in situations where the weather is extreme we recommend you bring the cats inside and remove the