Add a Skywalks (Weatherproof) Scratcher (+$35)


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NOW AVAILBLE: The latest 2020 release from Catnets.

Our “weatherproof” CAT SCRATCHING POST that ticks all the boxes:

  • Weatherproof design / Suitable for indoors OR OUTDOORS
    • Full PVC Inner Core
    • MARINE Carpeted exterior
  • Unique “hanging” design means it can be placed anywhere, anytime.
    • Great for hanging from an outdoor enclosure
    • Perfect for balconies or pergolas
    • Perfect for indoor fun
  • Convenience
    • No permanent attachments, making it perfect for rental properties
    • A very small pack away size when not in use or for taking travelling
  • FUN
    • The moving nature of the hanging post will keep your cat entertained for hours
    • With so many different hanging configurations possible, you can adjust the tension ropes which changes the dynamic of the post interaction

Are you looking to add some more stimulation to your cat’s life, both indoors and OUTDOORS? Our Skywalk range of ramps and platforms brings a dynamic vertical element to your cat’s outdoor enclosure, and the new Weatherproof Scratcher is the latest addition to the range. The Skywalks (Weatherproof) Scratcher has several main benefits over traditional Scratching Posts:


  • Weatherproof
    • Are you sick of rotting timber, flimsy cardboard and moldy carpet from using your “indoor” scratching tree outdoors? Our hanging scratching post has an inner core of PVC, and is surrounded in Marine Carpet. This means you can hang it permanently outdoors all year round.
  • Price:
    • The simple design ensures there is no added expense in bulky stands and bases
  • Fun:
    • The moving nature of the product keeps your cat entertained for hours on end
  • Versatility
    • There is any number of different configurations you can hang your scratching post. You can hang them vertically, horizontally or stack several of them together. There is no permanent attachments and you can move it from place to place as necessary.


This product is the perfect companion to our outdoor range of Portable enclosures. You can hang it in any number of ways from the frame, and it will keep your cat stimulated for hours on end.


Detailed Specification's:

Length: 400mm
Diameter: 80mm
Weight: 600g

Inner material: PVC

Outer material: Marine grade carpet

Included in package:

1 x Weatherproof Scratcher
Braided attachment rope
2 x Powdercoated Eyelets for attachment at either end of post